In their habit of organizing, social and outdoor activities, alameensoft employees set out a trip to Ein el-fija on Sunday 19/6/2011 saying goodbye –spring for this year. The trip was coordinated by Eng. Ahmad Abou Hassna and Eng. Maher Alhindi. The members involved in this activity crowded at 10.30, got in the bus and headed to the restaurant that was agreed on.
Many of the employees’ families and friends accompanied them, which made it more beautiful and charming, especially after the interaction that took place between the families and their children.
Having special lunch on a table for sixty was something interesting and eating kinds of desserts and fruit after such a big lunch was also something memorable.
At the end of that day, there were talks and plans for the next activity while alameensoft employees- the participants- were on the way back to Damascus.