Android App for Restaurants


This program used by the waitress to add customers’ orders

This program used by the waitress to add customers’ orders. The restaurant is being divided into sections with one waitress or more in every section. This program requires the restaurants system (POS) in Al-Ameen. The tables’ orders used to add an order. The customer can use this app to add an order but only the waitress can send the order after entering his own password.


  •  Support English and Arabic languages
  •  Connectivity through WIFI network
  •  Signing in using the waitress name and password
  •  Sending the order and printing it directly by the printer in the cashier table or in the kitchen.
  •  Easy to add and review the order’s materials
  • Acknowledging the reserved tables ( occupied )

Targeted Customers: Restaurants


Compatible Al-Ameen Versions:

  • Al-Ameen accounting system 8.0
  • Al-Ameen accounting system 8.1
  •  Al-Ameen accounting system 9.0

Compatible Operating Systems:

Android 4 and later