Automation of Automobile Maintenance Workshop


The program automatize the registrations process of the vehicle and all the other operations like spares parts, expenses and labor

This program is designed to facilitate the cars registrations process into the maintenance workshops from the start till the end of the maintenance process, with consideration to the periodic and the emergent maintenance cases including the free maintenance campaign to the targeted group. There’s also the possibility of reservation time for the maintenance process and if it is included in the warranty or not. The program is connected with Al-Ameen account system so all the operations can be exported to Al-Ameen concerning spare parts and the entries of the maintenance process. The program can start different type of maintenance (spare parts, forging, polishing…etc.) with the cost of each type. In addition, the program has plenty of reports which cover the customers’ needs with the possibility of adjusting and printing the report in a compatible way to each maintenance workshops


  • Flexible and easy to use interface.
  • Complete connectivity with Al-Ameen accounting program.
  • Prior reservation for maintenance
  • Following up with the periodic maintenance, maintenance campaign and the targeted group.
  • Tracking the spare parts and their costs ( on the workshops or the customer).
  • Monitoring the labors fees.
  • Knowledge of the exact time for completing the maintenance process.
  • Tracking the maintenance stages.
  • Tracking of cars movement and changes in ownership.
  • Full management of the users and their privileges.
  • Variety of reports which is suitable for all customers.
  • Possibility of printing the reports in different designs.

            Targeted Customers:Automobile Maintenance Workshops, specially automobile agencies


Compatible Al-Ameen Versions : Al-Ameen accounting system version 8.0

Al- Ameen accounting system version 2004

  • Compatible Operating Systems:Windows XP SP3 or later