Surely, the advantages and benefits play an important role when choosing a job. Therefore, we are keen to provide all the benefits reflect the employees’ changing needs. The advantages which distinguish our company are the following :

  • Our company was the first in the region to acquire the CMMI ML3 certificate, third level.
  • Using the latest methods and procedures of organizing the programming processes of design, programming, testing and management with the help of the research and development team.
  • We have a unique team in all the departments (programming, testing, research and development, technical support, after-sale support and others).
  • The company follows the latest scientific methods in projects management.
  • Time allocation for the research and development team.
  • Internal and external training courses for the employees.
  • Exchanging skills and experiences between the working staff by conducting internal lectures.
  • The ability to learn more than one programming language and using them in different projects.
  • The company adopts and encourage the unique points of views.
  • We work together as one team to achieve the same goal.
  • The company follows the flexible hours’ time table, taking into consideration the different situations of its working team.
  • The working system is stable and specific as it has never occurred that the company laid off an employee.
  • The company runs a permanent study on salaries to ensure that its employees have the highest salary level comparing to the other competitive companies.
  • All the outstanding team work are recognized and rewarded by the company.
  • Superb and healthy work environment.
  • The company provides reward for its staff in case of marriage, having children…. etc.
  •  Social and entertainment activities for all the working staff.