9 10, 2012

Upgrade from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to Microsoft SQL Server 2008

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Many organizations still use SQL Server 2000. But at some point, those organizations will need to upgrade. They can’t put off the task indefinitely, either, because the next version of SQL Server isn’t likely to support a direct upgrade from SQL Server 2000. SQL Server 2008 supports direct, in-place upgrades from SQL Server 2005 and [...]

5 05, 2012

In Less than Two Years… alameensoft is Qualified for The Final Appraisal

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Thursday 20/10/2011, alameensoft passed the preparatory test (Pre-Appraisal) to benchmark CMMI ML3 Certificate (Capability Maturity Model Integration Maturity Level 3) It was early Sunday morning 16/10/2011 when the appraisal team began its work. The team was led by Eng. Ahmad Abdul Aziz from SECC (Software Engineering Competence Center) from Egypt. Appraisal covered all programming projects [...]

1 01, 2012

About alameensoft

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Company History alameensoft Company was established in 1992. It started distributing Al-Ameen Business Solutions commercially in 1994 and is constantly working on developing the program up till now. Company Briefing alameensoft consists of a number of engineers, programmers and accountants the activities of whom covers analysis, programming, technical support and after sale services.

30 06, 2011

alameensoft in Ein el-fija

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In their habit of organizing, social and outdoor activities, alameensoft employees set out a trip to Ein el-fija on Sunday 19/6/2011 saying goodbye –spring for this year. The trip was coordinated by Eng. Ahmad Abou Hassna and Eng. Maher Alhindi. The members involved in this activity crowded at 10.30, got in the bus and headed [...]

14 06, 2011

Internal appraisal results announcement

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alameensoft, in its quest to achieve CMMI maturity level 3, continuously conducts internal appraisals to evaluate the implementation of alameensoft process. On Saturday 11th of June 2011, the internal appraisal team presented the results and findings of the second internal appraisal using the standard appraisal method SCAMPI v1.2.The findings were further discussed among the senior [...]

22 11, 2010

alameensoft Website implements new IE9.0 features

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Internet Explorer 9.0 is on its way to be officially launched, a beta version is already on use now, and so many new cool features are coming along the new browser from Microsoft. We at alameensoft, as always, walk with the crowd towards the latest technologies, so we have implemented some of the new features [...]

23 09, 2010

New Design for alameensoft Website

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Stimulated by alameensoft policy mainly to serve its customers and develop its work to keep it up-to-date with the international technology developments and web circulation, the company has rebuilt its website to offer the customers better services and gain a better and a more comprehensive demonstration of the products. The most important enhanced features of [...]