Stock-take with Smart Devices


Use this application (download it from google play for free) and get rid of paper stock-taking with its difficulties and mistakes by using your smart device camera to scan your products, count them, and correctly consolidate their quantities with Al-Ameen.


  • You don’t need any settings to connect the application to Al-Ameen, the work is done merely by exchanging material files and stock-taking files between Al-Ameen and the smart device.
  • The application recognizes the materials by many ways: camera or barcode laser, writing the barcode manually, search the material by its name.
  • You can start your stock-take even if there is no material has been imported from A-Ameen. In this case you need to enter the barcode and the quantity and the system will recognize the materials by the barcodes you’ve entered.
  • Once you’ve scanned your material’s barcode, the system will allow you – by default – to enter the counted quantities for each of the units of the material with one step and will show the total quantity converted to each unit.
  • If the material is spread into many locations in the warehouse, the system will create a new line for each scan along with its timing.
  • You can scan your materials using one of three methods:
    • Detailed window: once you recognize your scanned material, you can enter stock count for any of the three material’s units.
    • Quantity dialog: set the stock count for the scanned material unit only each time.
    • None: a quantity of 1 unit of the scanned unit will be recognized directly to the stock-take upon each barcode scan without any further action.
  • The program groups the counted materials as they have been originally set in Al-Ameen with the number of counted materials. You can also expand or collapse the counted groups to ease your review and search. Finally, the unknown materials are grouped in “unknown materials” group.
  • Review your stock-takes history grouped by months, and see your stock-takes materials grouped as you’ve originally set them in Al-Ameen.
  • You can manually choose one of the materials if the scanned barcode is joint between two or more materials.
  • You can set the maximum numbers to be saved in your smart device.
  • Format your stock-take numbers by setting how much decimal places to show, hide zero values, or display them in Arabic or Hindi format.
  • The system will automatically save an easy to read TXT file when mistakes occur both in the smart device or in your PC.
  • See your stock-take in Al-Ameen as per the units it is originally done with.
  • A pop-up dialog will help you through your device’s commands and windows.

Targeted Customers: All


Compatible Al-Ameen Versions:

  •  Al-Ameen accounting system 9.0

Compatible Operating Systems:

Android 4 and later