Android Distribution System


An application for tablets and mobiles especially for the companies that uses salespersons to distribute their products through previously set distribution routes.

  • This system allows the users to add data through their smart devices when they are not connected (upload data and then download it) where the user (the salesperson) upload the data (clients, products …. Etc.) from the data base to the device then he adds the data that is created by him (Invoice …) back to the server
  • It is possible to work online where data is added and uploaded directly from Al-Ameen to the devise and vice versa.
  • The system supports both Arabic and English languages.
  • The ability to generate all kinds of invoices and receive and payment vouchers. With the ability to add materials questionnaires and no-sale causes and other marketing activities, alongside the ability to add new customers to the data base.
  • The system allows the user various reports that gives detailed and grouped information like Stockcount report and salesperson’s journal.
  • The ability to print the invoices and vouchers via portable Bluetooth printers.
  • The ability to exchange data through wireless or internet networks.
  • Each salesperson has his unique password to log in to the system.
  • The system has distribution routes that informs the salesperson about the weekly visits to be performed today or at the rest of the coverage days.
  • Stocktaking: the ability to stock tacking a representative’s care warehouse in order to review its materials.
  • The ability to track supervisors via GPS.
  • The ability to define activities.
  • The ability to enter the shelf’s share of the company’s products or of the competitors’.
  • The ability to enter the clients stock tacking.
  • The ability to review the clients’ information.

Targeted Customers: Distribution Companies


Compatible Al-Ameen Versions:

  • Al-Ameen accounting system 8.0
  • Al-Ameen accounting system 8.1
  •  Al-Ameen accounting system 9.0

Compatible Operating Systems:

Android 4 and later