Archiving System

There is no need to use another program to save and manage your documents, you can save the related document in any place in Al-Ameen program and easily search and review them.

  • The archiving system is imbedded within Al-Ameen with no need for any new external system installation.
  • The ability to save all kinds of documents (Pictures, MS office files, PDF, videos, MP3 … etc.).
  • The documents are encrypted and directly saved to Al-Ameen database without any need for external storage.
  • The ability to save many files in one document (many pages or many versions of the same document for example).
  • The ability to add a document through browsing or scanning.
  • The ability to modify the document after saving it, and have a new version of the modified document.
  • The ability to create unlimited and rich descriptive fields that helps in adding useful information about a document. These information is then can be used in searching for documents with the ability to save many searching templates.
  • The ability to search for a group of documents and export them to file with one step.
  • Flexible and comprehensive authority system to control users’ permissions when dealing with the documents.
  • Documents can be archived in about all the program’s menus and interphases.