Project Description

alameensoft is CMMI ML3 Certified

alameensoft has been working on processes and procedures and is CMMI ML3 certified since 2011, which is a widely-applied model in software engineering around the world.

What is CMMI?

The Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a model for organizational maturity and continuous improvement of capability intended to help a business become more effective through the improved quality and reliability of its operations.

Acquired Benefits of CMMI Application

alameensoft select CMMI as a process improvement model because it finds many benefits from using it, some of these benefits:

  • Good image for marketing purpose.
  • Process standardization across the entire organization.
  • Data and reports are available for all management’s levels.
  • Building “Knowledge base” for continuous evaluation of process improvement.
  • Sharing the lessons learned between groups keeps good team spirit.
  • CMMI broaden the process knowledge for the team.

alameensoft Process

alameensoft Process aligned with CMMI L3 manages all the software preparation phases, from analyzing the initial requirements to design the overall system structure then to implement it with many critical strict tests, and this process covers the following areas:

Configuration Management

We cover configuring the internal environment we use for the product development and other activities in the alameensoft. The configuration activities include: setting the required and suitable environment for each type of work or project, controlling the work items and files permissions and providing aids in technologies or services needed for work. All these activities are institutionalized on an organizational level.

Project Management

We cover the project management activities practiced in the development projects and other types of projects. The project management process involves procedures related to planning, estimating and monitoring the projects for their time, cost and scope and activities related to reporting project measurements that provide insight for the management on most of the activities running in the alameensoft.

Product Development

The product development area contains the main activities related to developing a new software product or enhancing an existing one. The major areas covered by this process are: software analysis, design, implementation, and testing. Starting with the analysis activities, requirements are intensively gathered and investigated to remove all contradictions and ensure consistency with alameensoft products standards and policies. The design activities translate the requirements

to easily implemented components, which in turn are transformed into software code. The software developed is put under different types of tests (component, integration, and system) each of which focuses on a level of the software to ensure that the final product is well integrated and satisfies what has been requested by the customer.

We provide our customers a documentation with the product revealing how the new software is working and contain software new interfaces and a description of the newly added features.

Peer Review

Some of the activities in our alameensoft are subject to peer review, which is done generally by an expert working on the same area of the activity to be reviewed. Mostly, the documents resulting from the analysis, design, project planning are well reviewed to ensure the resulting output is in its best form. Mainly, senior developers always review the software code to ensure it meets the alameensoft coding standards and satisfies the intended design.

Decision Analysis and Resolution

This process provides guidance in taking decisions on project level or organizational level using defined criteria and scoring model.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the process of conducting reviews and audits to ensure that alameensoft processes are followed by all projects in the alameensoft. For this, a QA function is established in every project and acts as a guide to meet the process requirements. This ensures standardization of the work in the alameensoft.

Organizational Training

This process covers planning and conducting the training activities in the alameensoft and archiving the training data and records.

Organizational Process Improvement

Continuous improvement of the processes and procedures running in alameensoft is conducted to ensure best practices are followed and implemented.