The Sponge Manufacturing Program


 Automation of sponge sell, buy and cut processes

 The program create invoices for cutting the sponge based on their three dimensions with calculation of shears revenues with other additional information like color, type, volume, bills discounts and additions and generating this bills in Al-Ameen system with general notes .


  •  Flexible and easy to use interface 
  •  Complete connectivity with Al-Ameen accounting program. 
  •  Handling of sponge invoices, shears additions and type discount. 
  • Create the invoice in Al-Ameen system 
  •  Full management of  users 
  •  Reports about goods movement, stock-taking and materials comparison with AlAmeen system

Targeted Customers: Sponge companies that cut and sell sponge


Compatible Al-Ameen Versions:  Al-Ameen accounting system version 8.0

Al- Ameen accounting system version 2004

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows XP SP3 and later