The industrial program


Automation the products processing and monitoring the workers during the process.

The program help making the materials processing more easier through defining unlimited work centers and creating coded cards for the products in Al-Ameen, bills for finished products input and bills for raw materials output. Monitoring the workers according to type of production or time and it is connected to Al-Ameen Human Resources System and create a working timetable. It contains also a variety of reports which can be designed differently.


  •  Flexible and easy to use interface.
  •  Full connectivity with Al-Ameen system.
  •  Connected to Al-Ameen program for Human Resources System.
  •  Possibility to define many products.
  •  Unlimited number of work centers.
  •  Generating cards for finished products automatically.
  •  Generating output bills for raw materials.
  •  Generating input bills for finished products.
  •  Workers monitoring system according to type and working schedule.
  •  User management and full authority.
  •  Different kinds of designable reports.

Targeted Customers: Industrial companies specially T-shirts and shoes


Compatible Al-Ameen Versions:  Al-Ameen accounting system version 8.0

                                                             Al-Ameen accounting system version 2004

Compatible Operating Systems:  Windows XP SP3 or later