Stock-take program for pocket PC


The program helps companies in making an actual inventory stock-taking at a certain time

Companies use it to make an actual inventory stock-taking  of their warehouses. Possible to decide materials that will be uploaded to the pocket. This program is compatible with Al-Ameen 8.0 and 2004 and in every version of Al-Ameen there is a version of stock-take program which works on pocket PC .


  • Loading and discharging of data through USB cable or wireless network. 
  • Sending the stock-take results directly to Al-Ameen system and creating an invoice.
  • Sending the materials’ stock-take to a text file which can be moved to the PC and import it again through Al-Ameen program.
  • Stock-tacking using the materials barcode. 
  • Identifying every item quantity on hand 
  • Handling sequence numbers. 
  • Printing materials barcodes using printer: Seewoo LK-P11. 
  • Reading the material directly from the server to avoid downloading too many materials and to save the downloading time from Al-Ameen program to the pocket PC

Targeted Customers: Companies want to make an inventory checking of their warehouses


Compatible Al-Ameen Versions:

  • Al-Ameen accounting system version 8.0
  • Al- Ameen accounting system version 2004

Compatible Operating Systems:

Windows Mobile, Windows CE