Android APP for Stock-take


This program used by companies want to do a stock-take for warehouses at any time.

This program used to store the materials’ inventory through scanning or inserting the materials’ barcodes and it is possible to do QR Code scanning by using the phone or tablet’s digital camera. Possibility to import the materials file from Al-Ameen in XML file. The stock-take stored in a specific files so it can be imported by Al-Ameen from Stock-take Comparison in Materials tab.


  •  Support English and Arabic languages
  •  Import the materials’ file from Al-Ameen system
  •  Possibility of assigning a new barcode for every material
  •  Material search
  •  Store the stock-take processes in stock-take’ list
  •  Defining the stock-take’ unit
  •  Acknowledging The materials’ quantity in all units
  •  Sorting stock-take processes in monthly groups.
  •  Exporting stock-takes to specific files so it can be imported later by Al-Ameen system.
  •  The app contains information about using the app.

Targeted Customers: Companies that want to do a stock-take for warehouses.


Compatible Al-Ameen Versions: Al-Ameen accounting system 9.0

Compatible Operating Systems: Android 4 and later