Smart Reports

Use Al-Ameen new smart reports to monitor your business and measure your performance in all the program modules facilitating state of the art tools and methods.

  • Customize your reports and save these customized forms.
  • Use the “master details view” technique to view your data summarized with the ability to view the details of a chosen record, simply by clicking the + button.
  • Use the “tree list view” technique to visualize your hierarchical data as a tree within the report such as your accounts, warehouse, materials etc.
  • Extend your investigating abilities by using statistics in your report such as: Sum, max, min, average. That could be applied to a specific column, row, or some selected cells on one or more columns
  • Compose the report you need by just dragging and dropping the fields you wish as column, row, or filter, using “pivot table” technique.
  • Materials, clients, commercials papers and other entities fields, are now could be shown according to your preference.
  • Now. Using Al-Ameen smart report gives you the ability to use new features such as:
    • Resize, remove, and reorder columns.
    • “What you see is what you get” WYSIWYG printing technique.
    • Sort, filter, and multi-level grouping.
    • Charts.
    • Conditional formatting.
    • Report theme customization.
    • and others.