Sales Plan

Settle a multi-echelon targets and budgets, and monitor actual performance against them.

There are many methods to set your sales plan:

  • Money Target: The clients are classified according to their purchasing power for each group of SKUs, then the monetary target is assigned for each group of SKU for each client class for each period, and the system will automatically generate targets for each client included on each route.
  • Quantity target: A general volume target is assigned for each period, and then it is allocated amongst the clients according to their sales history of their sales of each group of SKUs. And the sales target for each client is then converted to monetary target according to the expected sales price of the client.
  • Each sales representative’s target is considered the sum of all the targets of the clients associated with the routes of his coverage responsibility.
  • Sales chart target planning method: A general volume target is assigned for each material in each period, then it is allocated between distribution groups from top to bottom according to the sales chart down to the distribution unit (salesman – car).
  • Use Al-Ameen rich and sufficient achievement versus target reports to be informed about targets achievement.