Purchases Plan

Al-Ameen purchases and production plan facilitates a state of the art purchases planning technique called Demand Driven Materials Requirement Planning DDMRP.

-See What, when, and how much of, finished goods must be manufactured to satisfy planned targets or orders (Master Production Schedule MPS).

-See what, when, and how much of, raw materials must be purchased to satisfy planned MPS. Bill Of Materials BOM.

-See what are the possibilities of generating orders based on the variables of each of the available purchasing vendors resources (Lead Time LT, Method Of Payment MOP, Unit Price and Currency UP&C, Standard Order Quantity SOQ… etc.), and what affects our purchasing decisions will affect cash flows plan.

-This tool will help you decide when to generate, modify, or cancel orders based on modifications made on planned demand.

  • Al-Ameen DDMRP helps purchases managers and executives, financial managers, and cash treasurers to plan better their procurements in order not to waste any sales chance (even unplanned), and not to overstock inventory at the same time. The corner stone of the DDMRP analyze is to instantly decide any period needed materials according to production plan as follows:
    Period needed quantity of a material = total needed quantities for production in this period + targeted safety stock of this material – the period’s expected opening stock – purchases that are expected to arrive at the same period (period’s current purchases orders).
  • Al-Ameen offers the purchasing plan frequent review technique in order to consider any change in the following elements:
    Change in demand.
    Change in finished materials specifications (BOM).
    Change in MPS.

Deviation in expected levels of stock resulting from over-consuming, damages, orders deviations.