Production Plan (Master Production Schedule MPS)

An organizational wide tool that helps many departments in collaborating on setting reliable targets, monitor them, and take corrective action on them, taking on consideration all available operational elements and circumstances.

  • Al-Ameen offers the ability to generate a “segmented production plan” according to the following dimensions:
    Time: Half annual, quarterly, or monthly plan.
    Group of products.
    Specific Plant.
    Specific production line.
  • The overall MPS consist of the sum of all this segmented plans, and each production plan segment deals with multiple logistical aspects:
    Business Capacities: Production lines capacities, Storage Capacities, HR capacities (Shifts Planograms).
    The accumulated and chronological effects of other segments.
    The ability to tailor percentage of uncertainty in planned materials and planned demand.
    Show and consider what is the average per unit production each job order has actually produces historically.
    Ideal Needed production according to the following equation:
    Targeted Production = targeted Sales Volumes + targeted Safety Stock – Planned opening stock.
    The ability to make a periodical change in production plan through management meetings (Building Blocks BB or Sales Inventory Production SIP), and to document these meetings along with their influence on the plan within the system, and assure that these changes are agreed and are transparent to other operational departments via sufficient permissions and approvals before activating changes.