Permission System

A flexible and multi-level permission system that can be used by the Accounting Manager or the authorized to set the sufficient permission to the users or groups of users of Al-Ameen.

  • Set a different “maximum discount” and “minimum sale price” can be given by any user in any invoice type.
  • Control what kind of tickets a user can add, view, modify, or delete in every location of the program: Account, client, material, warehouse, …etc.
  • Control what kind of cash flows vouchers a user can add, view, modify, post, change tax, or delete in every location of the program: opening entry, cash receive voucher, cash payment voucher, …etc.
  • Control what kind of invoices a user can add, view (with multi choices), mark as fulfilled, post the accounting entry, modify, delete and various other actions, in every location of the program: Sales, sales returns, purchases, purchases returns, …etc.
  • Control what kind of commercial papers a user can use in the program and what events he can perform on it.
  • Use the wide range of permissions option that deals with every possible event in the program using “operations and reports” permission group.
  • Control which list a user can view in the menu bar in the program.
  • Use a comprehensive branches permission to control what branches a user can deal with.
  • Use the “three code colors permission system” in Al-Ameen to prevent a user with the green permission level from review all red transactions in a certain location for example in the program while being able to review green and yellow transactions in the same location.
  • Define your sample permissions for a similar group of users and make them inherent these permissions when needed using the “group” permission feature.
  • Use the “permissions expander” to specify which account, client, warehouse, … etc. a user can view during his work with the program.