Orphan Sponsorship Program


The program automates the orphan sponsorship process and handles sponsors, payments and donations.

This program automates and manages all information related to the orphans including their families,  residence, and the donations made by sponsors, also tracking and distributing donations , all that will be done by  connecting directly with Al-Ameen accounting system.

Plus dealing with situations like sponsor quits or  sponsorship ends for many reasons.


  • Flexible and easy to use interface.
  • Complete connectivity with Al-Ameen accounting program .
  • Handling all information related to the orphan.
  • Handling sponsorship and donations.
  • Distribute sponsorship automatically.
  • Handling non-monetary donations. 
  • Users management. 
  • Different kinds of designable reports.

Targeted Customers: Charities especially orphan sponsorship


Compatible Al-Ameen Versions: Al-Ameen accounting system version 8.0

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows XP SP3 or later