Orders Management

An MRP related system that aims to give purchases and supply chain managers a full command on their orders.

  • Generate a purchasing order according to DDMRP taking on consideration:
    1. Needed quantities according to available offers by available suppliers.
    2. Payments conditions, lead time, prices, and currencies.
    3. Purchase orders’ dates (ETA, ETS, ETD, etc.) and logistics.
  • Show orders’ status at any given point of time along with all orders’ items information and data.
  • Allow tracking cash flows plan for planned purchases, and link payments to orders.
  • The possibility to link any order to its source documents through archiving system, and specify order’s logistical information (method of shipment, carrier, shipping conditions, delivery conditions, port of arrival, accredited bank, bank account, letter of credit account, etc.).
  • Allow certain users to give approval for certain change in order’s status (Permissions and approval).
  • The possibility of orders split, and partial shipping.