Project Description

Money Transfers

  • Easy to work with by multiple users.
  • Use the extended permission system especially tailored for money transfers.
  • The ability to send transfers between the branches by using branch’s transfer window.
  • The ability to deal with external money transfers and lists.
  • There is a special price list for money transfers.
  • There are special windows to simplify working with money transfers according to the allowed actions.
  • The ability to perform an exchange transaction within the transfer delivery window.
  • The ability to create more than transfer fees type with the ability to set certain type of fees between two branches or external office with the ability to allocate the fee with different percentages.
  • The program is integrated with the accounting program. Thus all the accounting reports are allowed to the user.
  • Wide range of money transfer specialized reports.
  • The program gives all reports and statements needed by the central bank.