Invoicing program for pocket PC


A program used by distribution companies to sell products

This program is for distribution companies that aim to sell products through distributor. This program is compatible with the distribution system in Al-Ameen program 8.0 and Al-Ameen 2004 and in every version of Al-Ameen there is a version of this distribution system which works on the pocket PC. This program is a simplified deal of the distribution program on the pocket PC. The program can add all kind of bills plus receipt and payment vouchers.


  •  Works on Windows Mobile, Windows CE operating system.
  •   loading and discharging of data through a USB cable or wireless network and transferring the bills to Al-Ameen using GPRS in cellphone network.
  •  Adding Bills and entries.
  •  Stock-take just the distributor warehouse.
  •  Dealing with supervisor’s different options to the distributor.
  •  Printing the data using Bluetooth Portable Printer.

Targeted Customers: Distribution companies


Compatible Al-Ameen Versions:   Al-Ameen accounting system version 8.0

Al- Ameen accounting system version 2004

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows XP or later