Inventory Operational Design

Create the materials you deal with in your work, and classify them into groups of materials that accurately reflects the nature of your operations, then define the accounts that will be used against inventory movement in purchase, sales, discount and allowances and cost of sales per material or group of materials.

  • The cost of a material moves through many accounts. In Al-Ameen You can define which accounts to be used with each group of materials in purchase, sales, discounts and allowances, and cost of sales in order to guaranty the consolidation between the inventory as a warehouse with the inventory as accounts.
  • You can tag your materials for more searching abilities using size, color, type, style, or others.
  • Set a reorder point, maximum & minimum quantity limit for each item.
  • Enter the expiry date of your materials when you receive them and rely on Al-Ameen to inform you about the quantities that will be expired before sufficient time of its expiry.
  • Enter your product with their per-unit serial numbers and track your inventory movement by serial numbers.
  • Set unlimited number of barcodes for each unit of your product and use them easily to recognize your materials using barcode scanners or cameras on smart devices new feature in Al-Ameen 9.
  • Create as many warehouses as you need to satisfy your operational needs (Raw materials – finished goods – cars – goods in transit – etc.).