Inventory Management

Manage your inventory in an adequately sufficient manner through various reports and tools:

  • Re-Order Point system ROP, Material Requirement Planning system MRP, ABC classification inventory system, Economic Order Quantity EOQ, and Desktop notification system.
  • Classify your materials according to their importance into A, B, or C and use this classification to focus your attention on the most important items when studying materials availability.
  • Use one of the most important methods in inventory management ROP (Re-Order Point) or MRP (Materials Requirement Planning) to improve your ability to discover, measure, and control your needs of new materials according to your plans.
  • Use EOQ (Economic order quantity) in Al-Ameen to see what is the optimum quantity should be purchased each time an order is placed (restocking and carrying costs).
  • Al-Ameen notification system will remind you when a material will be expired, or consumed according to your planned consumption taking in consideration current purchases orders’ status.