Project Description


  • Easy to work with by multiple users.
  • The ability to establish a special window for each user.
  • There is a special window for receiving and delivering currencies with exchange personnel.
  • The ability to specify a price range for sales and purchases that cannot be exceeded.
  • The ability to block any transaction with a client by adding him on the black list.
  • The ability to set conditions for the allowed transactions for each client according to the central bank regulations.
  • The ability to calculate the cash box balance by counting the banknotes denominations.
  • The ability to generate payment or receive vouchers by the exchange window.
  • The program allows to track the balances of exchange windows by using the information window.
  • Use the extended permission system to control your work.
  • The ability to evaluate currencies boxes and calculate exchange rates variations easily.
  • Wide range of exchange reports.
  • The program gives all reports and statements needed by the central bank.
  • The exchange system is compatible with the accounting system thus allowing the user to access all accounting report.