Commercial Papers (Cheques and Promissory Notes)

Design as many kinds of commercial papers as you need, and control them through your portfolios.

  • Commercial papers cover all the possible scenarios for deeming their values:
    • Cash collecting or paying (full or partial).
    • Bank collecting.
    • Endorsement.
    • Discount the commercial paper with a bank.
    • Return to the issuer with the ability for penalties.
  • Rely on Al-Ameen to make sure that your papers accounts are moving in parallel with your actual commercial papers through a specially designed process of portfolio management.
  • All accounting entries are automatically generated upon performing any event on the commercial papers, with the ability to charge penalties or commissions on them.
  • Collect or pay a set of commercial papers with one operation through a special tool.
  • Use commercial papers to deem the value of an invoice directly from it and automatically relate them to each other.
  • Other features in using the commercial papers:
    • Exchange rate variations expense or revenuesentries are automatically generated.
    • Adding the commercial paper without any entry is possible.
    • The ability to exclude the commercial papers received from the credit limit of a client.
    • Automatic desktop notification prior to commercial papers maturity with certain of days set by the user.
    • Generating many commercial papers with one step taking on consideration the time period separating each of them.
    • The ability to review the commercial paper’s history by showing the events done on it in chronological order.