Assembly and Disassembly

Use this tool if you have a product that can be divided into other products and vice versa in an easy fashion without the need for manufacturing module.

  • An assembly or disassembly operation is similar to manufacturing process where materials are withdrawn from the warehouses and the quantity of the assembled item is then entered to the warehouse with accounting journal entries for the assembly and vice versa in case of disassembly.
  • The ability to split assembly or disassembly process to various stages.
  • The ability to link assembly operation with a certain client with the ability to generate sales invoice with the assembled materials when the operation is finished.
  • The ability to link the disassembly operation with a purchase invoice from a certain supplier and enter its quantity to the warehouse then disassembly it by sequential stages.
  • The ability to add an additional expense to the assembly operation to be included to the assembled product’s cost.
  • The ability to control the materials that constitutes the assembled material where they cannot be deleted during the assembly or disassembly process by making it compulsory.
  • The ability to control the quantities of the materials that constitutes the assembly material by fixing the quantities.