Company History

alameensoft was established in 1992 by a group of engineers who started developing an accounting system working within the Windows OS.
The first version of the program was launched in 1994, and it was commercially distributed in 1995. At that period, it was named Al-Ameen 3.1. It was the first accounting system for Windows and run in a network in the market.
alameensoft then started to develop a version with features that accommodate Arab countries, such as credit notes, English interface, multi-currencies, in addition to developing reports and features with the merit of defining special bills and entries types. The name of the version at that time was Al-Ameen 97.
Distribution of that version started first in Lebanon, then in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and most Arab Countries. It became the No. 1 accounting system in quality, support, development pace beside comprehensiveness and processing speed.
The program then switched the database to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and support New Windows Versions such as Windows 2000 And Windows XP. Al-Ameen 2002 was capable of handling massive data sizes with wonderful performance with a large number of users.
Al-Ameen 2004 – embraces a collection of integral and consistent systems such as Restaurants, POS, Hospitals, Orders, Distribution & Marketing, Transfers & Shipments, and Cars Workshops systems. In addition to the ability to import and export data between files automatically or manually with remarkable and distinguished statistical and analytical reports.
alameensoft insists on sparing no effort in evolving the program in accordance with changing market requirements, keeping up with International Information Systems, and remaining No.1 Accounting System in the Arab world.