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Al-Ameen Accounting System Version 9: current customers can download this version of the program to update their current versions and get the latest enhancements and modifications. If no Protection Key was available (for users other than the customers), the program will run as a demo version with a limited number of entries and bills, and the program will not be able to open full version files.
Click on all links below to download the files to your computer, then a window will appear. Click Save to save the file to your hard disk, save all the files in one folder (It is better to create dedicated folder for this purpose) .After that, Click the file with the small yellow arrow and .exe extension , you will find that an extract window will appear, click Extract button. You will see a progress bar while extracting files .A new file Ameen.exe will appear in the same folder where all the files you downloaded exist. Click this file, the wizard of the installation will start on your computer..
  • From now-on, the minimum required release for Al-Ameen databases is Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or higher.
  • You can download the latest free version of Microsoft SQL Server from the following website:
  • If you had the release 2000 of Microsoft SQL Server, you'll have to upgrade your database sql server from Microsoft SQL 2000 to Microsoft SQL 2008 or higher. For more details, do please review the following article: Upgrade Databases from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 then upgrade it to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or above.


  • You can download file (Release Notes.pdf) located between download files independently of the rest of the files, in order to see the modifications or repairs on this version before deciding download.

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Restaurants 9.99.apk
Distribution 9.145.85.apk
Ameen Services 9.11.46 (for Android Apps).zip