Established at 1992, alameensoft Company started developing Al-Ameen Business Solutions to work within Windows System. The first version was released at 1994, and distributed commercially in 1995 with the name “Al-Ameen 3.1”. It was the first accounting system working within the Windows System and on networks to reach the Arabic market.

alameensoft then started to develop a version corresponding with the various Arabic companies i.e. dealing with notes, English interface, supporting multiple currencies…in addition to developing reports and facilitating other processes with the merit of defining special bills and entries types. The name of the version at that time was “Al-Ameen 97”.

Distribution of that version started in Lebanon first then Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and most Arab Countries. It became the No.1 Accounting System in respect of quality, support, development rapidity beside comprehensiveness and processing speed.

alameensoft is sparing no effort in developing the program at accelerated rate to catch up with the developments of trade and commercial requirements in Arabic Countries.

    • Company Working Domains

      The company is working on evolving Al-Ameen program in addition
      to executing specialized programming through contracts with a number of
      private companies. It also establishes computer networks systems, in addition
      to selling and marketing computers and computers accessories.

    • Company Team

      alameensoft comprises a number of engineers, accountants and
      administrators, their activities cover analysis, programming, technical
      support and after sale services. The company team consists of:

      • General Manager.

      • Sales Manager.

      • Programming Department Manger.

      • Project Manager.

      • Systems Analyzer.

      • 20 Programmers.

      • 4 Quality Test.

      • 11 Technical Support.

      • 3 Documentation.

      • 5 Maintenance.

    • Professional Experts

      Since establishment, the company executed a number of systems
      and integrated information networks in both private and public sections
      (administrative systems, financial and storing systems, data banks, planning,
      follow-ups and production systems).
      he company has developed the first Arabic accounting system
      working under Microsoft Windows environment proved to be the strongest among
      all circulating accounting systems in performance, facilities, comprehensiveness
      of analysis and power in reports. Beside becoming the favorite program to
      be used on local networks.

    • Large Companies Rely On Our Solutions
      Considering the strength of our products and international
      reliability, we could at a short period win the trust of large trade and manufacturing companies in Arabic countries in which we distribute our products. Thus, our company deserved to be widely spread
      through large and small companies.
    • After Sale Services
      Customers Services Comes First: Our customers are supported,
      trained, and offered instant support when needed. And this is the reason
      behind making us the pioneers in service.
    • Wide Geographic Spread

      Our company has respective distributors in all local provinces
      in addition to other Arabic countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon,
      UAE, Egypt, and Jordan.