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We offer you a lot of wonderful products that provide business solutions in a professional and creative way, that are all designed especially for you, considering market needs without sacrificing usability or functionality. Here are our top products.
We have a wide range of other business applications for Windows, Web, Mobile and Tablets, you can see the full list of our products click the button below!
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Introducing the revolutionary new version of the best business solution in the region, with exclusive new features, such as Smart Reporting, Rich Printing, Archiving System, SMS and Email integration, Job Order Costing, Financial Analysis and so many more.

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Stock-take with Smart Devices

Use this application (download it from google play for free) and get rid of paper stock-taking with its difficulties and mistakes by using your smart device camera to scan your products, count them, and correctly consolidate their quantities with Al-Ameen.

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We Offer You Different Types of Support

We have multiple types of support system, you can choose any type that makes you feel comfortable with, these are made for you!

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We serve thousands of organizations across the globe, spanning various industries such as technology, industrial, and healthcare, including the world’s leading global brands!
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