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Explore new features in Al-Ameen Business Solution, such as Rich Printing, Smart Reports, Archiving, SMS and Email notifications, and much more.

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SMS and Email

Use this tool to automatically send SMS & emails to your customers and employees when an event occurs in Al-Ameen such as the maturity of an invoice.

Smart Reports

Use Al-Ameen new smart reports to monitor your inventory, cash, clients, and see how profitable where your sales by client, product, or group of products.

Rich Printing

It has never been that easy to design and customize such a wide options and commands. Using the new rich printing features in Al-Ameen will widen and empower your design abilities.

Stock-take with Smart Devices

Use this application (download it from google play for free) and get rid of paper stock-taking with its difficulties and mistakes by using your smart device camera to scan your products, count them, and correctly consolidate their quantities with Al-Ameen.

Archiving System

There is no need to use another program to save and manage your documents, you can save the related document in any place in Al-Ameen program and easily search and review them.


New Options for Cost Centers in Bills

Adjustable rates in accounts and distribution cost centers

Multiple bar codes for the unit in the material card

Distribution of payments over monthly periods and inventory adjustments

Enforce and centralize the client’s account in cash invoices

Selling price by category

Collection Group

Link invoices to client account

Link bills to material collections

Packing List

Link Payments

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