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Project Description

Profit Centers

Establish your branches and monitor them easily through this accounting tool that enables the daily transformation of data and an automatic accounts reconciliation between cost center and management.

  • Automatic shipment’s data import and export between management and a profit center.
  • The ability of direct purchase of assignment goods by a profit center from vendors, where purchases are considered received shipment from management at sales price. Purchases invoices with suppliers are then automatically generated in the management file upon data withdrawing.
  • Full control over sales prices, discounts and allowances, and debts in the profit center.
  • Powerful process that insures data consolidation both at the profit center and the management.
  • Goods & payments on road are easily handled and adjusted between profit center and management.
  • Full control of foreign currencies, Accounts payables, taxes transactions between profit center and management.
  • The ability to search for materials in other profit centers from a profit center.
  • Wide range of online reports and controlling tools in the management file.
  • The ability to import the working day data manually via text file if the connection is lost between management and a profit center.