In 2008, Eng. Ghaith Sinjab, an active member in the social field in the company, suggested forming a football team as a step into activating the social life of the company. Afterward, the idea was welcomed by the majority of the employees, and they took Friday as a weekly date for this activity.

Afterward, the team tried to become more formally by getting adopted by the company board which will enable the team to develop and get involved into more serious competitions. However, many circumstances stood in the way then.

What came up then is that on the 9th of June, 2011 alameensoft football team played their first formal match against the French Cultural Center team. Although alameensoft lost the game, but that did not reduce or kill the enthusiasm of the Team, on the contrary, the Team wished to find the material and psychological support from the company; managers and employees.

It is quite clear the importance of this activity and its moral outcome at all levels.