Internet Explorer 9.0 is on its way to be officially launched, a beta version is already on use now, and so many new cool features are coming along the new browser from Microsoft. We at alameensoft, as always, walk with the crowd towards the latest technologies, so we have implemented some of the new features that comes with Internet Explorer 9.0.

The coolest feature that IE9.0 offers is called The Website Pinning, If you’re running on Windows 7 and you have internet explorer 9.0 installed you can pin your favorite website to the task bar so you can reach it faster, plus, websites now offer a set of tasks attached to the pinned website that helps you reach its services way faster, and you can access these task by right clicking on the pinned website.

alameensoft has implemented this new feature, open alameensoft website using Internet Explorer 9.0, drag the tab to your task bar to pin our website to your task bar, right click on the pinned website to access the tasks menu. The list includes quick access to our products page, news,  the download center, and the support center.

To install Internet Explorer 9.0 you have to be running on Windows 7 first, then go to IE9.0 official website (beauty of the web) and then download IE9.0.

The best is yet to come with alameensoft, so stay tuned…