Stimulated by alameensoft policy mainly to serve its customers and develop its work to keep it up-to-date with the international technology developments and web circulation, the company has rebuilt its website to offer the customers better services and gain a better and a more comprehensive demonstration of the products.

The most important enhanced features of the new site are:

New Look: The site has now a much more attracting and a simpler interface containing a list for an easier navigation among pages. It has been developed to become suitable to have a direct interaction with the customers.

Customers Log In: Each customer can create an account on the website to address alameensoft with the use of card sys. mentioned later on.

Cards System: The customer can create cards to quest about certain issues or report a problem that he is going through in the program. These cards will be directed to the Support team in alameensoft to be answered back through the site. The card may be sent back to the customers in case more details were requested. Through this phase, the customer can keep a track of his cards and know the procedures taken by alameensoft to deal with them.

Search: The ability to search through the articles and the knowledge base has been added to the new website.

Help:The site embodies a help system explaining site’s most important features supported by pictures.