After installing Internet Explorer 7.0 on the computer where Al-Ameen 2004 is installed you’ll see the following message appearing every time the desktop is refreshed (which is the case when the program is opened, when a file is opened in Al-Ameen, when you set file options, when adjusting any type within types manager).

To have this problem solved, you have to add the site about:Blank to the trusted sites in Internet Explorer. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Run Internet Explorer.
  2. Open the menu: Tools – Internet Options.
  3. Move into Security tab.
  4. Select the option Trusted Sites.
  5. Click the button Sites.
  6. In the field “Add this Web Site to the Zone” type: about:Blank.
  7. Uncheck the option “Require server verification (https) to all sites in this zone”.
  8. Click Add button.
  9. Click Ok. ,

Now Al-Ameen can run without having the mentioned error message appearing.